Graduation Inspiration

Finals are just around the river bend! So that means graduation will be shortly after! Although I’m not graduating this year I have a habit of constantly thinking about the day that I do (who doesn’t?!). When I think about my graduation day I think about who I’ll be giving those precious tickets to and what I’ll be wearing, but the one thing I always ponder (and pin) about is how I’ll decorate my graduation cap. While it is not a requirement by any means to decorate it, why wouldn’t you want to decorate it?! It’s a way to show how you’re feeling on this important day. You can be funny or philosophical or grateful, whatever you want to say or put on your cap is acceptable! In case you need some ideas here are some for every “type a way” you’ll be feeling that day!

Disney Lovers
Spillin' the Beenz: Creativity is Running Rampid in my Family!
14 Creative Mortarboard Designs, Because You Only Get to Do This A Couple Times
Disney Graduation cap

Graduation cap decorations athletic volleyball track&field
Just Did It #Graduation Cap

Movie Lovers
I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. 
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This Means Girls-inspired cap sums it up nicely. 
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Bilbo was always ready for another adventure. Are you?
Inspired by the wonderful Wizard of Oz.
And this Harry Potter fan’s. | 31 Graduation Caps That Absolutely Nailed It
There is nothing more amazing than graduating!
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The perfect Star Wars cap!
Yet another Frozen grad cap.
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All right, Captain!
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Future graduation cap
Artwork my designs artists grad cap ideas
Such 2014! Very wow.
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Artist skull cap.

So inspirational. 
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This cap will have you feeling really patriotic. 
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Stay positive! 
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"Free to fly!"
A world of possibilities awaits!
We love this particular rendition of Gandhi's quote. 
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Being different is cool.
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?size=l?size=lThis user gave a shout-out to every grad's support team — mom, dad, and coffee. 
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This grad is putting things into perspective.
Really, how does one get through school without Google? 
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How clever is this punny cap? 
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Now hotter by one degree. 
World domination begins today. 
Work it like a boss. 
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Time to wine even more!
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OT Club Car Show!

If you weren’t cooped up in your dorm then you know how beautiful the weather was this weekend. I guess Mother Nature wanted to be nice and give us sunshine and blue skies. Throughout the weekend there were a few events on campus that began on Friday a part of SGA spring fest such as knocker ball, a carnival, the great hunt and the color run. I was only able to attend the carnival , which actually was a good turn out especially since this was the first carnival that Misericordia ever had. In addition, I was also fortunate to attend the car show that the Occupational Therapy club held. There were so many amazing cars at the car show and some of them had their own unique story. While I was snapping some photos of the cars, I spoke with some of the owners of the cars.

One interesting and funny guy I met was Bernie Ostorwsky, and the model of his car is a 1970 mustang mock 1. It was pretty obvious that he loved showing off his car because he let me sit in it! As I was talking with him, he told me that he built this car while he was working in the assembly line at Ford Motor Company back in the 70’s. he even pulled out official tokens of employment at Ford Motor Company.

DSCF0516 - CopyDSCF0520DSCF0522 - Copy

Another man I had a conversation with was George Morgan, and the model of his car is a 1977 Corvette. I asked him a few questions about his car, and he told me that when he bought the car it was in horrible condition, and over the years him and his younger brother fixed it up. The main reason why I am specifically mentioning Mr. Morgan is not only does he have a cool car, but he was the only one that asked for our blogs web address to read my blog post. So if you’re reading this Mr. Morgan I hope you are enjoying it!

DSCF0525 - CopyDSCF0523 - CopyDSCF0524 - Copy

Lastly, this is for all of you sci-fi fanatics and anyone who loves Star Wars! This car immediately caught my eye when I saw a stormtrooper printed on the car doors. This car is owned by Jacob Ronda, and the model of the car is a 2012 Dodge Charger. Surprisingly, our conversation was more about the new version of the Star Wars movies than the actual car. Most people don’t know that I’m a little sci-fi and superhero geek, but after I saw this car I let the cat out of the bag.

DSCF0511 - Copy

DSCF0513 - Copy

DSCF0498 - Copy

I definitely enjoyed myself at the car show on Saturday and the OT club did an amazing job with organizing it. If you here anything about a nearby car show, I recommend that you go and check it out. I would also like to recognize the officers of the Occupational Therapy club.


President- Emily Boro

Vice President- Ellen Mahon

Secretary- Kellie campbell

Treasure- Brittany Lohr

To see the other pictures that I took at the car show just click on this link. Enjoy!

Every Day is a Day to Celebrate

Today is Earth Day! So normally I would blog about Earth Day and how we should all go green (which we should)! But upon searching about Earth Day I was reminded of all of the other “holidays” of the year, yes this includes the major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Did you know though that there is a High Five Day or what about a Rubber Duckie Day? I know it’s crazy right?! So this is just a reminder that even though the next few weeks are going to bum you out a bit, every day has a reason to celebrate! So I’m compiling a list of days for each week of the year that will give you a reason to celebrate!

January– Creativity Month
4th- Spaghetti Day
6th- Cuddle Up Day
11th-Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
15th- Hat Day
20th- Cheese Lovers Day
26th- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (what better way to relieve some stress!)
30th- International Fun at Work Day

February-Heart Month
2nd- Hedgehog Day (reminder that Hedgehogs are illegal to keep in PA)
5th- World Nutella Day
7th- Send a Card to a Friend Day
9th- Stop Bullying Day
13th- Get a Different Name Day
16th- Innovation Day
17th- World Human Spirit Day
21st- Sticky Bun Day
26th- Tell a Fairy Tale Day
28th- World Sword Swallower’s Day

March– Women’s History Month
1st- Pig Day
4th- Grammar Day
5th- Cheese Doodle Day
7th- Cereal Day
8th- Women’s Day
11th- World Plumbing Day (thank your plumber please!)
13th- Ken Day (yes there is a day dedicated to Barbie’s husband)
16th- Lips Appreciation Day
21st- Memory Day
24th- Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
26th- Purple Day
30th- Pencil Day

April– Couple Appreciation Month
2nd- Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
5th- Go For Broke Day (that one should be pretty easy for most of us)
8th- Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
12th- Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
14th- Dolphin Day
15th- That Sucks Day
16th- High Five Day
19th- Bicycle Day
22nd- Earth Day
25th- International Astronomy Day
27th- Prime Rib Day
29th- International Guide Dogs Day

May– Photo Month
2nd- Baby Day
4th- Star Wars Day
5th- Cartoonists Day
8th- Military Spouse Appreciation Day
11th- Twilight Zone Day
13th- Leprechaun Day (Why is Leprechaun Day in May and St. Patrick’s Day in March?)
17th- Pack Rat Day
20th- Be a Millionaire Day
24th- Brother’s Day
27th- Cellophane Tape Day
29th- Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day

June– Great Outdoors Month
1st- Go Barefoot Day
3rd- Running Day
5th- World Environment Day
7th- Cancer Survivor’s Day
9th- Donald Duck Day
10th- Iced Tea Day
12th- Red Rose Day
15th- Nature Photography Day
16th- Fudge Day
18th- International Picnic Day
20th- American Eagle Day (AMERICA!)
22nd- Onion Rings Day (so my birthday cake should be made out of onion rings?)
25th- Strawberry Parfait Day
27th- Sunglasses Day
29th- Waffle Iron Day
30th- Meteor Watch Day

July– Picnic Month
1st- Canada Day
3rd- Stay Out of the Sun Day
6th- Fried Chicken Day
9th- Sugar Cookie Day
10th- Don’t Step on a Bee Day
13th- Etch-A-Sketch Day
14th- Shark Awareness Day
15th- Gummi Worm Day
18th- Caviar Day
21st- Junk Food Day
23rd- Gorgeous Grandma Day (appreciate that woman!)
24th- Cousins Day
26th- All or Nothing Day (go big or go home)
28th- Milk Chocolate Day
31st- System Administrator Appreciation Day

August– Golf Month
2nd- Psychic Day
3rd- Watermelon Day
5th- Work Like a Dog Day
8th- Happiness Happens Day
10th- S’mores Day
12th- International Youth Day
13th- International Lefthanders Day (finally we get some appreciation!)
15th- Corn on the Cob Day
19th- Photography Day
20th- World Mosquito Day (why are we appreciating those pests?)
23rd- Ride the Wind Day
26th- Women’s Equality Day
28th- Radio Commercials Day
30th- Pony Express Day
31st- Trail Mix Day

September– Piano Month
1st- Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
3rd- Skyscraper Day
5th- Cheese Pizza Day
7th- Boss/Employee Exchange Day
8th- Pardon Day
9th- Wonderful Weirdos Day (this is a pretty cool day)
10th- Swap Ideas Day
11th- Stand Up to Cancer Day
14th- Eat a Hoagie Day (also known as a sub to some people)
17th- Apple Dumpling Day
20th- Wife Appreciation Day
23rd- Restless Legs Appreciation Day
26th- World Dream Day
29th- World Heart Day

October– Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1st- World Vegetarian Day
3rd- Techies Day
4th- Taco Day
6th- Physician Assistant Day
7th- Frappe Day (an excuse to go to Starbucks!)
10th- Hug a Drummer Day
12th- Old Farmers Day (thank your local farmer)
14th- World Maths Day
16th- Dictionary Day (hey an excuse to use your word of the day)
17th- Sweetest Day
19th- Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
22nd- Nut Day
23rd- TV Talk Show Host Day
25th- Mother In Law Day
28th- Animation Day
31st- Magic Day

November– World Vegan Month
2nd- Deviled Egg Day
3rd- Cliche Day
5th- Men Make Dinner Day
6th- National Nachos Day
8th- X-Ray Day (thank your x-ray tech!)
9th- World Orphans Day
10th- Sesame Street Day
12th- Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day
13th- World Kindness Day
15th- Guinness World Record Day
17th- Take a Hike Day
19th- Have a Bad Day Day
22nd- International Aura Awareness Day
24th- Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
26th- Cake Day
29th- Square Dancing Day
30th- Computer Security Day

December– Human Rights Month
1st- Eat a Red Apple Day
3rd- Make a Gift Day
4th- Bartender Appreciation Day
5th- International Ninja Day
7th- Letter Writing Day
8th- Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day (who needs to pretend?!)
10th- Human Rights Day
11th- International Mountain Day
13th- Violin Day
16th- Chocolate Covered Anything Day
17th- Maple Syrup Day
18th- Bake Cookies Day (another great excuse to eat cookies!)22nd- Forefathers’ Day
23rd- Roots Day
25th- Pumpkin Pie Day
26th- Candy Cane Day
27th- Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
28th- Card Playing Day
30th- Bacon Day
31st- Make Up Your Mind Day (Assuming they’re talking about your new years resolutions)

See, now there is a reason to celebrate every day, because these aren’t even all of the appreciation days! Look the other ones up on your own so you really do have a reason to celebrate every day!

Say goodbye to stress!

Stress. That one word that plays a huge factor in lives. Right now I know every college student in the world is experiencing high levels of stress due to the fact that finals are right around the corner. We are all trying to manage how we’re going to write this last 5-page paper, take a online quiz that’s due by 6 o’clock, hit the gym, study for your last chemistry exam and then finish off your day with your favorite show on Netflix. Just writing that made my stress level rise. However, no need to panic! You may think your world is coming to an end, but I’ll assure that its not. I’m going to provide you with a few tips to reduce your stress as much as possible.


Light Yoga/ Exercise

Yoga and exercise can help bring the mind to a present moment. It also helps you to access an inner strength that allows you to face the overwhelming fears, frustrations, and challenges of everyday life. If you have never done yoga before, Misericordia has a yoga club you can join. To find out more information about the club you can find the facebook page at


Listening to Music

Some people consider music to be an escape from their reality, and in fact music can have a link to our emotions. For example, many athletes listen to all kinds of music to get them focused and relaxed before they play in their game.

spongebob Laugh

When we are stressed we are usually not in the best of mood, and this can possible cause even more stress. It is said to be to be laughter is one of the best cures for stress. Furthermore, according to the famous doctor Patch Adams, “Remember laughing? Laughter enhances the blood flow to the body’s extremities and improves cardiovascular function. Laughter releases endorphins and other natural mood elevating and pain-killing chemicals, improves the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to internal organs.
Laughter boosts the immune system and helps the body fight off disease, cancer cells as  well as viral, bacterial and other infections. Being happy is the best cure of all diseases!”


Take a walk

Taking a walk is just a way to get away from what’s causing your stress. Fortunately, Mother Nature has been nice to us all week by finally giving us cool temperatures and sunshine. So if you feel like you need to change your setting, just take a walk around campus and enjoy the fresh air.


Summer Adventures

There’s only 3.5 weeks of school left. Yes that is correct! So between now and then you have some time to create the ultimate summer bucket list. I want to make this summer extremely memorable because it’s my last free summer I have before the real world begins. To me the definition of an awesome summer is having the perfect job (which I almost have in place), having your friends around (unfortunately most of them aren’t home for the summer), spending time with family (I will live with them so that one is easy) and planning the most perfect adventures (I have a few in mind). So I’m almost there! I really am excited for this summer though, because I want to do a bunch of new things I’ve never done before and guarantee a summer full of fun! So I wanted to give you great readers some of the fun adventures I want to do this summer so you can plan an amazing summer full of adventures for yourself!

Go to a Carnival
I loooooove carnivals (or fairs)! Between the oh-so-bad for you food and the dizzying rides, it’s one of my favorite parts of summer! They’re also usually on the cheaper side and you can usually find one to go to pretty frequently! To make it interesting go on a ride that no one in your group would ever go on or play the game that you know you’re guaranteed to lose but they give you a prize anyways. Whatever you do just make sure you enjoy the atmosphere (or people watch) because that’s the best part of carnivals!

Take a Road Trip
I know you’re thinking that gas is really expensive, but is that the part you’ll remember when you look back in 20 years and think of the time you spent four days living out of a car (you don’t have to stay in your car on a road trip). So anyways go! Pick some place close or go across the country. Go with one friend or go with all of your friends (hey you could even go with your parents). You can do a day trip to some place you’ve always wanted to go, but never had the chance. Just make sure when you road trip you pack all of the essentials: good snacks, good music, good car and a good driver!

Water Park It
Why wouldn’t you go to the water park this summer? You’re outside soaking up the sun, but cooling off at the same time! It really is the perfect combination! I agree that water parks can be a little more on the expensive side, so if that is the case then please replace water parks with:

Build Your Own Water Park
So we’ve already established that water parks are expensive, but building your own is much cheaper and easier! Start out with a slip ‘n’ slide, throw in some water balloons and water guns and you have your own H2O experience in your backyard!

Go to a Concert/Music Festival
The best time to hear some good music is during the summer! Everyone is in such a good mood and the concert is usually outside! That means you can snag some cheap lawn tickets and have plenty of space to dance around!

Switch Up Your Workout
It’s easy to run outside all summer to fit in your workout, but you should change it up every now and then! There are so many outdoor activities that still count as a good workout. I know you’re thinking hiking and biking, but reconsider and think kayaking/canoeing, paddle boarding or surfing

Go to Someplace New/Do Something New
This kind of goes along with road tripping, but it could be local. Maybe you have a historical place across the street that you’ve never got around to going to. Or maybe there’s a local craft show that you’ve always wanted to attend. Go to a restaurant in town you’ve never been to and order something you normally wouldn’t get. Summer is the time to do whatever you want and push your limits, so order the caviar risotto dish and laugh when you show people the face you made when you tried it. Or do something crazy like skydiving or para-sailing, that you’ve always been afraid to do. There is nothing wrong with overcoming your fears. Most people don’t regret trying something new because they grow from it and it shows them more of who they are.

Read a Great Book
Your summer doesn’t have to involve you going somewhere and doing something all the time. Sometimes your adventure can be in an imaginary world. So read that book you pushed aside all semester or read one that you know will stretch your creative thinking or will cause you to do some deep thinking. No matter what, I know you’ll enjoy reading it.

Go Star Gazing

No matter where you are there are stars there (you might just have to get further away from the city to see them). One of my favorite things to do is spend a warm summer night looking at the stars and just relaxing. Of course along with this I suggest building a fire and having some s’mores, but camping is a whole different adventure, that you should do!

Go to an Adventure Park
I’m thinking rock climbing (outdoors or indoors) or zip lining, pretty much just about anything that will get your adrenaline pumping. No it doesn’t have to be bungee jumping but it can be something a little crazy!

Spend Some Time On Yourself
Slow things down a bit and take a day or two (maybe even once a week) to focus on yourself. Think about it, you spend time with people for almost nine months straight (your friends, family or roommates). So take the summer to really focus on relaxing and working on yourself so you can start the next semester a better you! (Yes I realize I sound like an inspirational speaker!)

April is Autism Awareness Month

Mis is known for being a school that’s full of Health Science majors, PTs, OTs, SLPs, PAs, and for education majors. You don’t have to be one of these majors though to encounter Autism. So it’s really no surprise that we have an Autism Awareness club. Each of these majors are highly involved with people with autism. If they haven’t had an experience with a child with autism they most likely will before they graduate. April also happens to be Autism Awareness month. If you didn’t participate in yesterday’s Light Mis Up Blue campaign, then you most likely noticed the blue lights shining on Mercy Hall and the library. The Autism Awareness club (which I am a member of and you should be too!) is doing an excellent job of helping to bring awareness of Autism to Mis. So today I’m going to help spread awareness of Autism with some facts that you may already know and some you may not!

The definition of Autism from Autism Speaks is “difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors…ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. Some persons with ASD excel in visual skills, music, math and art.” Signs of Autism tend to emerge around ages 2 or 3. Three million people in the US are diagnosed with Autism. There is no one cause of Autism nor one type of Autism.

  • 1 in 68 people have Autism
  • 1/3 of children and adults with Autism are nonverbal
  • 1/3 of individuals with Autism could have epilepsy
  • Autism is not just hereditary but can be environmentally-influenced
  • 2/3 of children with Autism have been bullied
  • The cost of Autism for a lifetime averages $1.4 million to $2.4 million
  • 84% of adults with Autism remain living with their parents
  • Autism is more prevalent in boys than girls

Celebrities who advocate for Autism:

  • Jon Stewart: he helped raise over $18 million for New York Collaborates for Autism with his Night Of Too Many Stars fundraiser.
  • Gilbert Gottfried: he was on the 2015 season of Celebrity Apprentice where he chose Autism Speaks as his charity to donate his winnings to.
  • Yoko Ono: she was the global ambassador for Autism in 2010.
  • Allison Williams: she spoke at the Autism 2013 Winter Ball Fundraiser.
  • Deron Williams: he is an Autism speak ambassador.

Inspiring stories about people with Autism:
Boy with Autism gets surprise from trash man:
Nonverbal Adult shares experiences with sensory overload:
Stranger shows kindness to girl with Autism on flight:
Football Kicker with Autism gains one more year of eligibility:
ABC’s “What Would You Do” segment on Autism

These places participated in the Light It Up Blue campaign on World Autism Day:
Himeji Castle

The Great Sphinx and Great Pyramids

Empire State Building

La Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

China Millennium Monument

How you can help:
There’s many different ways you can help spread Autism awareness. First join the club here at Mis so you can make a difference yourself. Next head to Autism Speaks to learn more about Autism. You can also participate in a local walk to help raise money for Autism awareness (find more information here). You can also make donations at any time to Autism Speaks. You can make a donation in someone’s honor, donate to a walk, give a general donation or donate to a memorial tribute. A big difference you can also make is to stick up for anyone with Autism that you see getting bullied. Every difference counts when helping to spread Autism Awareness, so do your part!

Statistics on College Students

When you are a college student you have a lot in common with millions of other people in the world, that are also college students. You don’t think about it often but outside of the bubble you’ve created on campus many people are experiencing the same thing you are. Some twenty-something in California is stressing over a paper that’s due at midnight, just like you are. Some sophomore in Georgia is dealing with a roommate they might not get along with that well. A student in Wisconsin is planning out what they’re doing for the weekend. Whether you choose to believe it or not you are part of the statistics, you are part of the millions of people that attend college every year. So to make your small world seem bigger I’m going to bring you some stats about yourself that you might not have previously known.

  • This school year universities are expected to award 1.8 million bachelor’s degrees, 821,000 master’s degrees, and 177,500 doctorate degrees. That means you’re included in one of those big numbers!
  • Females account for the majority of the population of college students. In the fall it was predicted that 12 million females will attend college, while only 9 million males will. You see this statistic is true at Mis!
  • As of fall 2014, 21 million students were expected to attend colleges and universities.
  • One out of ten Americans carry student debt (don’t worry you won’t be alone!)
  • The average 4-year undergrad student graduates with $25,000 in debt (as of 2012).
  • The amount that all students and their families are predicted to spend in getting prepared for college is $47.3 billion
  • $956.93 is the predicted average amount that each family will spend on merchandise preparing their child for their first year of college.
  • The average amount of time it takes to complete a bachelor’s degree is 5.6 years.
  • 60% of college students receive no financial help from their families.
  • In 2007, only 19% of the population age 65 and older had a bachelor’s degree.
  • 23% of full-time undergrads, that are younger than 24, work 20 hours or more a week.
  • The average number of college transfers per year is 1,250,000.
  • The average number of college student marriages per year is 42,500.
  • $47,000 per year is the average income of bachelor’s degree graduates.
  • College students drive an average of 934 miles to get to their Spring Break destination.
  • Per year, on average, each college student misses 26 classes.
  • College students have a food budget of $2,800 per year.
  • An iPod is the most common item stolen from college students.
  • An average of 1,125,000 students attend Spring Break each year.
  • 2 parking tickets, on average, are given to each college student each school year.
  • Most college students drive a Toyota Yaris.
  • There are 1,845 private 4-year institutions.
  • One out of four college students report that they feel stressed daily.
  • Male students eat five servings of fruits and veggies per week, while females eat only four.
  • The average number of students enrolling in college per year is 2,350,000.