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BURN! How to ease the pain of painful sunburn

Summer, for most of us, has been in full swing for a few weeks. Summer is the laid back, late night, stress-free time when our primary goals include spending as much time as possible with your friends and soaking in the sunshine. Like the ex-boyfriends that we are likely to be gossiping about on the beach, sometimes the sun isn’t so nice to us. Here is a list of a few life hacks to help ease the pain of sunburn and tips on ways to prevent skin damage from our forever friend, the sun.

White Vinegar

Take a cup of white vinegar and a paper towel. Soak the paper towel in the vinegar and dab onto your skin. Allow the vinegar to air dry and re-apply as needed. Do not wash off. This takes the sting out of the sunburn. BE WARNED: you smell like vinegar until the vinegar dries but it’s a small price to pay for the relief you will feel.

Black Tea

Fill a pitcher with brewed, lukewarm black tea. Take a paper towel or a rag and soak it in the tea. Dab the rag on your skin generously. Allow the tea to air dry and do not wash off. BE WARNED: black tea can stain so try to find a place (like a ceramic bathtub) that can be wiped down after.


Take 1-2 chilled cucumbers and slice them. Apply the slices directly to your skin and flip them to the “cool” side as necessary. If you prefer a more sturdy option, take the chilled cucumbers and place them in a blender with some cornstarch. This will give you a paste-like consistency.


Apply a soaked rag of cold milk directly to your skin for instant relief.

Plain yogurt

Apply plain (unflavored) yogurt directly to your skin for instant relief.

As much as we strive for that “bronzed beauty” look, we have to understand that tanning, like everything else worth having, takes time if you want to do it properly and safely. Apply sunscreen often and check to see if it’s waterproof. Be aware of the time of day that you are in the sun and take frequent breaks in the shade. It is also very important for your skin and general health to make sure that you drink plenty of water when you are in the sun for long periods of time. Happy summer!