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Hey guys! My name is Rachel and I'm a Junior at Misericordia as an undergraduate psychology major in the pre-DPT program. Although I'm a Jersey girl at heart (can't you tell!?), Misericordia has become my home away from home and I absolutely love it here. My favorite part about MU is that it's so easy to get involved- I'm super excited because this summer I'll be an orientation leader! When I'm not running from class to class or stuck studying in the library (ugh) you can probably find me cooking or out for a run. And even though I've learned to love PA, I'm a diehard NY Giants, Rangers and Mets fan!

Metz Cafeteria Hacks!

It’s that time of year-about a month left of school and you’ve slowly started to run out of new things to eat in the cafeteria. I tried to think of items that are always available during cafeteria hours-some might only happen together during weekend Brunch hours so keep an eye out!



  • Ice Cream + Cereal + Waffles + Honey + toasted almonds + crumbled up dessert from the dessert bar
  • Make your own trail mix: cereals + granola + dried fruit + chocolate chips +sunflower seeds (from the salad bar) + chips, etc
  • Chili + lettuce + cheese + tomatoes = personal taco salad
  • Breakfast Sandwich on Bagels (bacon + eggs from grill + cheese + whatever else)
  • Cafeteria-made Personal Bruschetta (toast your fav bread + tomatoes from salad bar drizzled with olive oil
  • yogurt + granola + peanut butter (optional: honey, fruit, milk etc)
  • Add toppings from the salad bar to create your own pasta dish when pasta is served
  • Grilled Chicken + Salad
  • Waffles (add peanut butter, sprinkles, ice cream, fruit OR cheese, bacon, etc)
  • Apples (or any fruit) – cut slices and top with peanut butter, yogurt, honey, granola, cinnamon, etc
  • Experiment with salad bar toppings -Sliced green and red peppers with hummus, add fruit to your salads, use salsa or mustard as dressing, take chopped hard boiled eggs and make your own egg salad, dip broccoli in ranch or hummus
  • Toast bread + add cheese and let it melt = personal grilled cheese that you can add whatever you’d like to (apple slices, chicken, spinach, tomatoes, salsa, etc) or eat it as an open faced sandwich (aka personal pizza!)
  • quick buffalo chicken dip-mix cream cheese with blue cheese + hot sauce and stir; add to grilled chicken, salad, veggies, etc
  • Mix yogurt with cereal and cut up fruit (apples, bananas, pears)
  • Dessert substitute: peanut butter, bananas and chocolate chips ; add chocolate milk, honey or peanut butter (or all three??)  to your cereal
  • Grilled Chicken  + your fav bread + lettuce + salad bar toppings + salad dressing/sauce = grilled chicken sandwich
  • Add Main Plate sides like steamed veggies, corn, mashed potatoes, etc to your salads
  • Get creative with your deli requests-try it toasted, substitute a wrap for bread or experiment with different types of bread –go to the salad bar and add toppings, sauces and dressings to your orders
  • Toast + cream cheese + raisins + granola
  • Bread + veggies from salad bar + hummus + optional: lunch meat from deli = Hummus Veggie Sandwich
  • Strawberry yogurt + cream cheese + honey = topping for pancakes, waffles, English muffins, etc

Get creative and view the dining hall as a grocery store–what can you create next!?


BRRR stay inside!

This freezing February weather has made me never want to leave my room and lucky us, it’s already snowing again! So unless you’re going to Snowball (have fun!) stay inside all weekend and all week until Spring Break 🙂


    • Start an Apples to Apples tournament with your roommates
    • Do some yoga (check out @alliegatormu ‘s post!) or just play Twister instead 😛
    • Play card games like Egyptian Rat Screw, Spit, Spoons, etc.
    • Rearrange, clean and organize your room
    • Movie Marathons!
    • Learn a new dance
    • Give your roommates (and yourself) facials, makeovers, paint your nails
    • Start a new show on Netflix
    • Bake something yummy-in your microwave
    • Do a puzzle
    • Read a book
    • Call your family or friends from back home
    • Plan your outfits for the next week (or start packing for Spring Break!)
    • Make a mixed CD or playlist for your drive home
    • Make a silly video with your roommates or make up a new dance

Good Morning!

Mornings are a crucial part of any day-they set the tone for the rest of your day as far as attitude and productivity. They can also serve as the perfect start to good time management planning so that your nights aren’t filled with work and you can actually relax and watch Grey’s Anatomy or hang out with friends!


In order to get your mornings started off on the right track to maximize your time, here’s a list of things to start doing to jump start your day!

1. Take ten minutes before going to bed to set up for a successful tomorrow. Write things down you want to get done in order of importance, tasks you’ve yet to accomplish, one thing you definitely want to do the next day, lay out your outfit, pack your backpack, set up your breakfast-whatever is going to make getting ready easier!

2. As soon as you wake up ssssssstretch it out! Even five minutes of stretching will do to wake up your muscles and mind. Focus on your breathing to prepare yourself for the day.

3.Within 15 minutes of waking up, get something on your to-do list accomplished. Send your professor that email, schedule your appointment, review your note cards or bang out a reading assignment. Just get something done ASAP!

4. Eat a nutritional, sustainable and energizing breakfast! Your body has just been deprived of food for 6-8 hours, you need to give it fuel. Let yourself enjoy that coffee, a delicious omelet or some chocolate chip pancakes.

5. Get going! As soon as your finished with breakfast, put your phone away, get your work ready and get started. The longer you wait, the more you’ll have to do tonight!


Happy New Year!

Everyone always puts a huge emphasis on the “new year” with crazy resolutions and goals that they must accomplish in order to make the year successful. Most often, these goals get forgotten until the end of the year when you reflect on everything you didn’t do…this year you should focus on all the good that happened and the opportunities that will come to you in 2015!

Maybe you’ll be transferring schools, starting your freshmen year of college or ending your college education-whatever you’re doing, make the most of it!

Instead of stressing yourself out with unrealistic resolutions, here are a few that you can actually accomplish this new year:

-Let things go-stop stressing over things that you cannot control!!

-Learn how to do something new: cook a new meal, try to ski or learn how to knit.

-Leave your phone in your pocket and enjoy the company you’re with.

-Actually tell someone when you like something of theirs instead of just thinking it.

-Try to keep in touch with both old and new friends.

-Make your bed every morning.

-Drink more water.

-Call your mom more often.

-Have more solo dance parties!

-Don’t be so hard on yourself.

-Smile at everyone you see!

-Think of others more often: volunteer, send cards, donate, etc.

-Accept the bad times, but enjoy the good ones 🙂


Mental Health

While it may not come to a surprise that college students are perpetually stressed, many people don’t realize the significance and impact of stress on our daily lives. The mental health of students’ nation wide is becoming greatly endangered as the hours of studying, anxiety, academic and social pressure, and depression are on the rise.

Brooke Beason Sleep Image      tumblr_inline_n18d5m4lcr1sqa7cb

It’s extremely important to take note of this issue and try to prevent things from getting worse. But if we’re being honest, how can you take time to worry about your mental health when you don’t even have time to breathe!? If I’ve learned anything at all in college though, it’s that taking time for yourself is extremely important (still working on it!).

Here are some different ways to help you acknowledge, manage and handle your stressors:

CAPS Center :The CAPS Center is a great resource on campus, and no it’s just not for the “serious” stuff. Sometimes it’s helpful to talk to a completely third party person-it can help you look at your situation realistically and get your feet back on the ground. You can stop by the Counseling Center or email a counselor to make an appointment. The CAPS Center also offers support groups, therapy groups  and many different activites to help you de-stress your life which include relaxation sessions, mood screenings, and dog therapy!

tumblr_inline_ndg5odkive1t0m2f8Breathe: This one is the most obvious, I mean it’s notlike your body can forget to breathe… but I always find it to be the most difficult.  If you’re studying or feeling anxious before a test-close your eyes and take five reallyyyyyyyyyy deep breathes-it’s actually forcing your body to calm down and relax.


Exercise and Yoga: Take advantage of the free gym membership and different fitness activities on campus while you’re here-like Misericorida’s new yoga club! Yoga is a great way to relax and focus on your breathing, but any exercise will do just fine.


De-stress!: Find something you love doing that requires absolutely no worrying on your part. Color, make an awesome play list and dance it out, watch your favorite movie, shop, go on a road trip or read a book-just pick something and relax.


Reward yourself!: Give yourself mini mental victories for studying for an hour, raising your hand in class, even just waking up in the morning (some days that’s super difficult!!).

Write it down: If you have a lot on your mind or you have a crazy busy day, write it all down. Organize yourself with planners, calendars and to-do lists so it’s not taking up precious space in your brain. Before you go to bed at night, or during your craziest time of the day, take five minutes to write down all the things that are bothering you or causing you stress and let. them. go.

Give yourself a pep talk: Listen, your track record for surviving things is currently 100%, you don’t have to do everything, just keep going, you can do this!!!!!


Stay strong!



The Halloween Dance is this upcoming Thursday October 23rd at 9pm! I hope you’re all getting your tickets and preparing your costumes. In case you’re at a total loss of what to be, there’s obviously the typical cat, cowgirl, etc , but creativity is key here if you’re trying to win the costume contest! (although those are all things I’ve been in the past so no judgment here!) Since none of us are made of money (and for some reason Halloween costumes are always so much money!!!?!): I found some easy DYI costumes that are totally fun:
Disney Princesses:
Obviously this one is a classic but it’s great because you have so many options-either choose your favorite, or one with the same color hair as you and your golden!
You can improvise the outfit too; you can do anything from wearing  a tutu in the color of her ‘main’ dress, wear an improvised dress that looks similar (i.e. blue shirt and yellow skirt for Snow White), or put together one of her ‘casual’ outfits (Belle in her white button down with a blue shirt over it and some books).


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This is the error for things not found on the Internet-just decorate a plain white shirt to say “Error 404: Costume not found”. Too easy!

Dunkin  Donuts and Hawaiian Punch:  I recently saw this one online and love it!
For the Dunkin Donuts you wear a basketball ball jersey & get one of those cheap blow up donut tubes (hello 5 Below)-get it? Dunking Donuts!
The Hawaiian Punch: you wear Hawaiian inspired clothing- think leis, flowery shirt, flip flops, etc and boxing gloves


Kids in Pajamas:

Ceiling Fan:
This is another pun…Write “GO CEILING” on a tshirt, grab a pom-pom and start cheering! WOO GO TEAM


Story book Characters-simplified:
Think Little Red Riding Hood (red hooded sweatshirt, basket of baked goods), Goldilocks (for you blondes. You can also model of off actors in Once Upon a Time-they already give you simpler versions of the character’s clothing choices!

Stick Figure: wear one solid color long sleeve shirt and pants. Use duct tape to make the stick figure outline over your clothes and a paper plate for the face!


Identity Theft:
Find a bunch of “Hello My Name is” nametags, fill them out with all different names and stick them all over you!

Regina George’s Mom:
From Mean Girls, duh. This one is my fav because you get to wear sweatpants: super easy all pink sweat suit


Robber: find a black and white horizontal striped shirt and pair it with black pants. Add a black winter hat and gloves-carry a bag of money or stick money in your pockets as an extra prop.

Or you could always be a cat 🙂

Bonus: you could also use your costume for Halloween in the Halls!

Happy (almost) Halloween 🙂