OT Club Car Show!

If you weren’t cooped up in your dorm then you know how beautiful the weather was this weekend. I guess Mother Nature wanted to be nice and give us sunshine and blue skies. Throughout the weekend there were a few events on campus that began on Friday a part of SGA spring fest such as knocker ball, a carnival, the great hunt and the color run. I was only able to attend the carnival , which actually was a good turn out especially since this was the first carnival that Misericordia ever had. In addition, I was also fortunate to attend the car show that the Occupational Therapy club held. There were so many amazing cars at the car show and some of them had their own unique story. While I was snapping some photos of the cars, I spoke with some of the owners of the cars.

One interesting and funny guy I met was Bernie Ostorwsky, and the model of his car is a 1970 mustang mock 1. It was pretty obvious that he loved showing off his car because he let me sit in it! As I was talking with him, he told me that he built this car while he was working in the assembly line at Ford Motor Company back in the 70’s. he even pulled out official tokens of employment at Ford Motor Company.

DSCF0516 - CopyDSCF0520DSCF0522 - Copy

Another man I had a conversation with was George Morgan, and the model of his car is a 1977 Corvette. I asked him a few questions about his car, and he told me that when he bought the car it was in horrible condition, and over the years him and his younger brother fixed it up. The main reason why I am specifically mentioning Mr. Morgan is not only does he have a cool car, but he was the only one that asked for our blogs web address to read my blog post. So if you’re reading this Mr. Morgan I hope you are enjoying it!

DSCF0525 - CopyDSCF0523 - CopyDSCF0524 - Copy

Lastly, this is for all of you sci-fi fanatics and anyone who loves Star Wars! This car immediately caught my eye when I saw a stormtrooper printed on the car doors. This car is owned by Jacob Ronda, and the model of the car is a 2012 Dodge Charger. Surprisingly, our conversation was more about the new version of the Star Wars movies than the actual car. Most people don’t know that I’m a little sci-fi and superhero geek, but after I saw this car I let the cat out of the bag.

DSCF0511 - Copy

DSCF0513 - Copy

DSCF0498 - Copy

I definitely enjoyed myself at the car show on Saturday and the OT club did an amazing job with organizing it. If you here anything about a nearby car show, I recommend that you go and check it out. I would also like to recognize the officers of the Occupational Therapy club.


President- Emily Boro

Vice President- Ellen Mahon

Secretary- Kellie campbell

Treasure- Brittany Lohr

To see the other pictures that I took at the car show just click on this link. Enjoy! https://www.flickr.com/photos/misericordiau/sets/72157652225655775/

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