Every Day is a Day to Celebrate

Today is Earth Day! So normally I would blog about Earth Day and how we should all go green (which we should)! But upon searching about Earth Day I was reminded of all of the other “holidays” of the year, yes this includes the major holidays like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Did you know though that there is a High Five Day or what about a Rubber Duckie Day? I know it’s crazy right?! So this is just a reminder that even though the next few weeks are going to bum you out a bit, every day has a reason to celebrate! So I’m compiling a list of days for each week of the year that will give you a reason to celebrate!

January– Creativity Month
4th- Spaghetti Day
6th- Cuddle Up Day
11th-Learn Your Name in Morse Code Day
15th- Hat Day
20th- Cheese Lovers Day
26th- Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day (what better way to relieve some stress!)
30th- International Fun at Work Day

February-Heart Month
2nd- Hedgehog Day (reminder that Hedgehogs are illegal to keep in PA)
5th- World Nutella Day
7th- Send a Card to a Friend Day
9th- Stop Bullying Day
13th- Get a Different Name Day
16th- Innovation Day
17th- World Human Spirit Day
21st- Sticky Bun Day
26th- Tell a Fairy Tale Day
28th- World Sword Swallower’s Day

March– Women’s History Month
1st- Pig Day
4th- Grammar Day
5th- Cheese Doodle Day
7th- Cereal Day
8th- Women’s Day
11th- World Plumbing Day (thank your plumber please!)
13th- Ken Day (yes there is a day dedicated to Barbie’s husband)
16th- Lips Appreciation Day
21st- Memory Day
24th- Chocolate Covered Raisins Day
26th- Purple Day
30th- Pencil Day

April– Couple Appreciation Month
2nd- Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
5th- Go For Broke Day (that one should be pretty easy for most of us)
8th- Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
12th- Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
14th- Dolphin Day
15th- That Sucks Day
16th- High Five Day
19th- Bicycle Day
22nd- Earth Day
25th- International Astronomy Day
27th- Prime Rib Day
29th- International Guide Dogs Day

May– Photo Month
2nd- Baby Day
4th- Star Wars Day
5th- Cartoonists Day
8th- Military Spouse Appreciation Day
11th- Twilight Zone Day
13th- Leprechaun Day (Why is Leprechaun Day in May and St. Patrick’s Day in March?)
17th- Pack Rat Day
20th- Be a Millionaire Day
24th- Brother’s Day
27th- Cellophane Tape Day
29th- Put a Pillow on your Fridge Day

June– Great Outdoors Month
1st- Go Barefoot Day
3rd- Running Day
5th- World Environment Day
7th- Cancer Survivor’s Day
9th- Donald Duck Day
10th- Iced Tea Day
12th- Red Rose Day
15th- Nature Photography Day
16th- Fudge Day
18th- International Picnic Day
20th- American Eagle Day (AMERICA!)
22nd- Onion Rings Day (so my birthday cake should be made out of onion rings?)
25th- Strawberry Parfait Day
27th- Sunglasses Day
29th- Waffle Iron Day
30th- Meteor Watch Day

July– Picnic Month
1st- Canada Day
3rd- Stay Out of the Sun Day
6th- Fried Chicken Day
9th- Sugar Cookie Day
10th- Don’t Step on a Bee Day
13th- Etch-A-Sketch Day
14th- Shark Awareness Day
15th- Gummi Worm Day
18th- Caviar Day
21st- Junk Food Day
23rd- Gorgeous Grandma Day (appreciate that woman!)
24th- Cousins Day
26th- All or Nothing Day (go big or go home)
28th- Milk Chocolate Day
31st- System Administrator Appreciation Day

August– Golf Month
2nd- Psychic Day
3rd- Watermelon Day
5th- Work Like a Dog Day
8th- Happiness Happens Day
10th- S’mores Day
12th- International Youth Day
13th- International Lefthanders Day (finally we get some appreciation!)
15th- Corn on the Cob Day
19th- Photography Day
20th- World Mosquito Day (why are we appreciating those pests?)
23rd- Ride the Wind Day
26th- Women’s Equality Day
28th- Radio Commercials Day
30th- Pony Express Day
31st- Trail Mix Day

September– Piano Month
1st- Building and Code Staff Appreciation Day
3rd- Skyscraper Day
5th- Cheese Pizza Day
7th- Boss/Employee Exchange Day
8th- Pardon Day
9th- Wonderful Weirdos Day (this is a pretty cool day)
10th- Swap Ideas Day
11th- Stand Up to Cancer Day
14th- Eat a Hoagie Day (also known as a sub to some people)
17th- Apple Dumpling Day
20th- Wife Appreciation Day
23rd- Restless Legs Appreciation Day
26th- World Dream Day
29th- World Heart Day

October– Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1st- World Vegetarian Day
3rd- Techies Day
4th- Taco Day
6th- Physician Assistant Day
7th- Frappe Day (an excuse to go to Starbucks!)
10th- Hug a Drummer Day
12th- Old Farmers Day (thank your local farmer)
14th- World Maths Day
16th- Dictionary Day (hey an excuse to use your word of the day)
17th- Sweetest Day
19th- Clean Your Virtual Desktop Day
22nd- Nut Day
23rd- TV Talk Show Host Day
25th- Mother In Law Day
28th- Animation Day
31st- Magic Day

November– World Vegan Month
2nd- Deviled Egg Day
3rd- Cliche Day
5th- Men Make Dinner Day
6th- National Nachos Day
8th- X-Ray Day (thank your x-ray tech!)
9th- World Orphans Day
10th- Sesame Street Day
12th- Pizza With the Works Except Anchovies Day
13th- World Kindness Day
15th- Guinness World Record Day
17th- Take a Hike Day
19th- Have a Bad Day Day
22nd- International Aura Awareness Day
24th- Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day
26th- Cake Day
29th- Square Dancing Day
30th- Computer Security Day

December– Human Rights Month
1st- Eat a Red Apple Day
3rd- Make a Gift Day
4th- Bartender Appreciation Day
5th- International Ninja Day
7th- Letter Writing Day
8th- Pretend To Be a Time Traveler Day (who needs to pretend?!)
10th- Human Rights Day
11th- International Mountain Day
13th- Violin Day
16th- Chocolate Covered Anything Day
17th- Maple Syrup Day
18th- Bake Cookies Day (another great excuse to eat cookies!)22nd- Forefathers’ Day
23rd- Roots Day
25th- Pumpkin Pie Day
26th- Candy Cane Day
27th- Cut-Out Snowflakes Day
28th- Card Playing Day
30th- Bacon Day
31st- Make Up Your Mind Day (Assuming they’re talking about your new years resolutions)

See, now there is a reason to celebrate every day, because these aren’t even all of the appreciation days! Look the other ones up on your own so you really do have a reason to celebrate every day!

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