April is Autism Awareness Month

Mis is known for being a school that’s full of Health Science majors, PTs, OTs, SLPs, PAs, and for education majors. You don’t have to be one of these majors though to encounter Autism. So it’s really no surprise that we have an Autism Awareness club. Each of these majors are highly involved with people with autism. If they haven’t had an experience with a child with autism they most likely will before they graduate. April also happens to be Autism Awareness month. If you didn’t participate in yesterday’s Light Mis Up Blue campaign, then you most likely noticed the blue lights shining on Mercy Hall and the library. The Autism Awareness club (which I am a member of and you should be too!) is doing an excellent job of helping to bring awareness of Autism to Mis. So today I’m going to help spread awareness of Autism with some facts that you may already know and some you may not!

The definition of Autism from Autism Speaks is “difficulties in social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors…ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) can be associated with intellectual disability, difficulties in motor coordination and attention and physical health issues such as sleep and gastrointestinal disturbances. Some persons with ASD excel in visual skills, music, math and art.” Signs of Autism tend to emerge around ages 2 or 3. Three million people in the US are diagnosed with Autism. There is no one cause of Autism nor one type of Autism.

  • 1 in 68 people have Autism
  • 1/3 of children and adults with Autism are nonverbal
  • 1/3 of individuals with Autism could have epilepsy
  • Autism is not just hereditary but can be environmentally-influenced
  • 2/3 of children with Autism have been bullied
  • The cost of Autism for a lifetime averages $1.4 million to $2.4 million
  • 84% of adults with Autism remain living with their parents
  • Autism is more prevalent in boys than girls

Celebrities who advocate for Autism:

  • Jon Stewart: he helped raise over $18 million for New York Collaborates for Autism with his Night Of Too Many Stars fundraiser.
  • Gilbert Gottfried: he was on the 2015 season of Celebrity Apprentice where he chose Autism Speaks as his charity to donate his winnings to.
  • Yoko Ono: she was the global ambassador for Autism in 2010.
  • Allison Williams: she spoke at the Autism 2013 Winter Ball Fundraiser.
  • Deron Williams: he is an Autism speak ambassador.

Inspiring stories about people with Autism:
Boy with Autism gets surprise from trash man:

Nonverbal Adult shares experiences with sensory overload:
Stranger shows kindness to girl with Autism on flight:
Football Kicker with Autism gains one more year of eligibility:
ABC’s “What Would You Do” segment on Autism


These places participated in the Light It Up Blue campaign on World Autism Day:
Himeji Castle

The Great Sphinx and Great Pyramids

Empire State Building

La Basilica de la Sagrada Familia

China Millennium Monument

How you can help:
There’s many different ways you can help spread Autism awareness. First join the club here at Mis so you can make a difference yourself. Next head to Autism Speaks to learn more about Autism. You can also participate in a local walk to help raise money for Autism awareness (find more information here). You can also make donations at any time to Autism Speaks. You can make a donation in someone’s honor, donate to a walk, give a general donation or donate to a memorial tribute. A big difference you can also make is to stick up for anyone with Autism that you see getting bullied. Every difference counts when helping to spread Autism Awareness, so do your part!

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Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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