A Not So Lazy Easter Break

Tomorrow and Thursday we will be packing up our cars or catching the bus back home for Easter break which will be our last break of the 2014-15 school year.  Luckily we only have about a month left of school, but finals week will be here before we know it. We think of breaks to be a period of time that we don’t do any work, and just lay around and do more binge watching on Netflix. Even though that’s basically every stressed college students dream, however, that might not be the best way to spend your break. Here are a few things that you can to have a productive break.

These past few months, my professors have been keeping me very busy with essays, projects and studying for tests. I’m pretty sure most of you can relate, and studying will not cross your mind at all during break. Instead of procrastinating, why not just get all of the work you have now done before you return back to school. That 5-page paper you had to write for your writing intensive class will be one thing less you have to worry about. Then when we come back from break, all you have to worry about is the last amount of work your teachers will give you and studying for finals.

If you plan on working this summer, this is the time for you to start applying for jobs if you don’t have one already. Last week our school held a job fair with numerous companies that were offering jobs and internships. For example, I attended the job fair and fortunately one of the companies I gave my resume to, wants me to come in for an interview. Despite want many people think, it is never too early to apply for internships. Having an internship will help build your resume, network and help develop the skills you need when it is time to apply for real jobs after you graduate

Even though Mother Nature is not being so nice right now by surprising us with snow, it is about that time to switch out your winter clothes with spring clothes. Spring is the season of transition. Literally, the earth is transitioning from the cold weather, dead leaves and gloomy skies to temperate weather with cool breezes, blooming flowers and blues skies. We can also think that way with our clothing. It is time to replace the dark colors with bright ones. Spring is all about making a statement, so don’t be afraid to incorporate pieces of clothing that are bold and loud.

Now please don’t get me wrong, your entire break does not have to be all about doing work. You can obviously have some fun with your family and friends. For most of you I am sure that you will be participating in the typical activities that occur on Easter such as attending church, having Easter dinner with your family, and decorating Easter eggs. As I said before, spring is the season of transition. As college students our stress levels are usually very high, and having some R&R will help you knock out this last month of school.

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