Metz Cafeteria Hacks!

It’s that time of year-about a month left of school and you’ve slowly started to run out of new things to eat in the cafeteria. I tried to think of items that are always available during cafeteria hours-some might only happen together during weekend Brunch hours so keep an eye out!



  • Ice Cream + Cereal + Waffles + Honey + toasted almonds + crumbled up dessert from the dessert bar
  • Make your own trail mix: cereals + granola + dried fruit + chocolate chips +sunflower seeds (from the salad bar) + chips, etc
  • Chili + lettuce + cheese + tomatoes = personal taco salad
  • Breakfast Sandwich on Bagels (bacon + eggs from grill + cheese + whatever else)
  • Cafeteria-made Personal Bruschetta (toast your fav bread + tomatoes from salad bar drizzled with olive oil
  • yogurt + granola + peanut butter (optional: honey, fruit, milk etc)
  • Add toppings from the salad bar to create your own pasta dish when pasta is served
  • Grilled Chicken + Salad
  • Waffles (add peanut butter, sprinkles, ice cream, fruit OR cheese, bacon, etc)
  • Apples (or any fruit) – cut slices and top with peanut butter, yogurt, honey, granola, cinnamon, etc
  • Experiment with salad bar toppings -Sliced green and red peppers with hummus, add fruit to your salads, use salsa or mustard as dressing, take chopped hard boiled eggs and make your own egg salad, dip broccoli in ranch or hummus
  • Toast bread + add cheese and let it melt = personal grilled cheese that you can add whatever you’d like to (apple slices, chicken, spinach, tomatoes, salsa, etc) or eat it as an open faced sandwich (aka personal pizza!)
  • quick buffalo chicken dip-mix cream cheese with blue cheese + hot sauce and stir; add to grilled chicken, salad, veggies, etc
  • Mix yogurt with cereal and cut up fruit (apples, bananas, pears)
  • Dessert substitute: peanut butter, bananas and chocolate chips ; add chocolate milk, honey or peanut butter (or all three??)  to your cereal
  • Grilled Chicken  + your fav bread + lettuce + salad bar toppings + salad dressing/sauce = grilled chicken sandwich
  • Add Main Plate sides like steamed veggies, corn, mashed potatoes, etc to your salads
  • Get creative with your deli requests-try it toasted, substitute a wrap for bread or experiment with different types of bread –go to the salad bar and add toppings, sauces and dressings to your orders
  • Toast + cream cheese + raisins + granola
  • Bread + veggies from salad bar + hummus + optional: lunch meat from deli = Hummus Veggie Sandwich
  • Strawberry yogurt + cream cheese + honey = topping for pancakes, waffles, English muffins, etc

Get creative and view the dining hall as a grocery store–what can you create next!?


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Hey guys! My name is Rachel and I'm a Junior at Misericordia as an undergraduate psychology major in the pre-DPT program. Although I'm a Jersey girl at heart (can't you tell!?), Misericordia has become my home away from home and I absolutely love it here. My favorite part about MU is that it's so easy to get involved- I'm super excited because this summer I'll be an orientation leader! When I'm not running from class to class or stuck studying in the library (ugh) you can probably find me cooking or out for a run. And even though I've learned to love PA, I'm a diehard NY Giants, Rangers and Mets fan!

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