Get Organized!

Although we’re well into the second half of the spring semester it is not too late to organize yourself! This could mean organizing your room and doing some spring cleaning, organizing that mess of a desk, or just organizing your life in general. There’s a lot that goes on in the second half of the semester, activities around campus start to become more frequent as well as it seems like all of a sudden you have all of these assignments due at once. The only way to get everything done is to organize! So here’s some tips on how to get organized!

Calendar- If you don’t have one already (whether it’s a planner or desk calendar) you need to get one, it is crucial for anyone’s survival. Next take a look at that handy-dandy syllabus and write down all of the important due dates for assignments or tests on the calendar. If you’re feeling really ambitious write all of the assignments for one class in one color and the rest in different colors (religion in pink, sociology in green etc.). You should also mark down important school-related things, such as registration, housing dates, or meetings with professors all in one different color. Next comes the fun part, write down your plans for the weekends! Mark things like when you’re going home for Easter, when you’re going to be visiting friends, or even spring weekend (more of that later). I’m sure your calendar looks a little full at this point and you’re feeling just a bit overwhelmed, but that’s okay, now you know how much you have to do! Just take everything week by week and you’ll surely get it done and then before you know it the semester will be over!

Weekly Calendar- Your monthly calendar may get a little too crowded, so on that you can opt to just put a few important dates of your big/most important assignments. Now you can use a weekly planner, a white board, or I even use a post-it to organize your week. I obviously start off with Monday and all of the assignments, work, or studying I need to do. I go through the rest of the week and plan out what I need to get done for that particular day. I don’t always make it about school work though. I’ll add in things like “call mom” or “go to the Autism club meeting!”, this way I’m sure to get everything done I need to, one week at a time. Every now and then you need to make sure you add in the important stuff like “go get froyo!” or “go see Insurgent”.

The syllabus- It’s also important when you’re planning out your monthly calendar and using the syllabus as a reference to highlight the syllabus. Doing this will help when you need to go back and quickly find the details about assignments or test (this way you’re not spending precious time flipping through a ten page paper trying to find one sentence).

Exercise- I know a lot of people on campus love exercising and it’s sometimes the highlight of their day. So if you’re really willing to, you can even organize your exercise routine. You could do this weekly, with your weekly planner, or monthly, obviously with your monthly planner. Plan out what you want to do each day and how long you want to do it. By organizing your exercise plan you can really commit to it and guarantee it gets done.

Money- I know you’re thinking, why on earth do I need to worry about that now? But yes you do, it’s also known as budgeting. It’s important to do this so you know you’re saving money but also to make sure you have enough money to get gas to get home for Easter! It’s easier than you think (and it doesn’t always involve not spending money either). There’s many different ways you can budget, you can do it by yourself and just estimate how much “fun” money you can spend, how much you need to save, and how much you need for essentials (groceries, gas, etc.). If you don’t think you can do it by yourself just by writing it down then you should get an app. There’s plenty of apps out there that will help you budget by connecting to your accounts and help you divide out your money and they’re secure too! Some apps for budgeting include Mint, MoneyBook, and Spending.

Room- Your room is important to stay organized because then you can finally feel relaxed. Keeping your room organized extends from making your bed to doing the laundry. AHH laundry, another topic! You need to make sure you schedule time to do your laundry. I do my laundry every Sunday afternoon, I wash my clothes, sheets and towels (yes your sheets and towels should be washed frequently). Keeping your room organized also includes cleaning it regularly and keeping you desk neat. You also need to consider doing some spring cleaning. Maybe take home some clothes over Easter break that you know you haven’t worn yet. Or maybe go through that pile of junk that you know is stashed under your bed and can be thrown out. You can also go through your clothes to see what doesn’t fit or what you don’t like anymore and donate it. (Make sure you donate to non-profits like The Salvation Army or Charity Clothing Pick Up). Regardless of how far you want your organization to go any little bit makes a big difference. Think about how much easier it is to find a paper that’s due in an hour when it’s in the folder it belongs in! If your room is organized, your life is most likely organized.

Routine- If you establish a routine you’re more likely to get everything done you need to. Your routine could be waking up every day at 8 am (whether you have class or not) to get everything done. Also it’s important to have a routine at night before you go to bed (watching Netflix can be a part of your routine) so your body is aware of when it’s time to start winding down to sleep.

You- All of this organization is a bit overwhelming (some of it is even a little excessive), but trust me you feel so much better when you are organized because you know everything you need to get done will get done (including remembering to eat). You need to remember amidst all of this organization that it’s important to include time to relax. That relaxation could be the exercise you scheduled, time with your roommates, or walking around campus by yourself. No matter how you want to relax you need to make sure that it is scheduled into your organized day every day. Nothing feels better than taking time to focus on yourself.

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About alliegatormu

Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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