DIY Christmas

I know everyone is beginning to divulge into full finals freakout mode, but before that happens you should cut yourself some slack and think about something else! Like maybe that the most wonderful time of the year is upon us! (aka CHRISTMAS– cue Buddy the Elf freakout!). So I know, much like you do, that with Christmas comes presents, but with presents comes money and that’s where things get complicated. I hate to remind you but you are probably a broke college student and can’t afford to buy your brother the iPhone 6+ anyways. Plus what about the time that shopping takes anyways! You have finals people, you ain’t got time for that! So I’m here to help you find the perfect gift for someone that is both cheap and very non-time consuming! Whoever you might be shopping for you should be able to find a gift for them within this post! (Click on the title to get the step by step directions).

Hand Decorated Mug
Using a stencil to create a fun graphic on a mug with a Sharpie
This is super easy and is a great gift for anyone! All you need is a plain white mug and a sharpie (you can use different colors too)! Also you could use any other dinnerware like plates or bowls!

Dyed Candles
All you need for this one is candles, crayons and a crock pot! Who doesn’t love candles anyways!

Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars are easy to come by now a days so just pick a stencil, paint over it, add some flowers and bam!

Gift In A Jar

51 Christmas Gift in a Jar Ideas
On the same basis of mason jars, you can put just about anything in a jar for a present, popcorn, hot cocoa, pens, whatever you know someone loves!

Instagram Coasters
DIY Coasters!
You have all of these Instagram pictures just floating out in cyberspace! Now you can finally do something with them! You just need to make sure you have a way to get them printed out!

Root Beer Reindeer

All you need is the decorations and someone who loves root-beer!

Wind Chimes
shell windchime
Think of all of those shells you collected at the beach, now you have something creative to do with them!

No Sew Scarf

I know you have a bunch of old t-shirts lying around that need to be used up!

Hand-Stamped Jewelry

This ones a little more complicated as you need to obtain a steel stamping set, but you can make endless items after you get that!

Homemade Soap
Mother's Day Gift Ideas
The materials might be hard to obtain but it’s easy to make!

Kitchen Tablet Holder

What mom or grandma isn’t using their tablet to cook dinner nowadays? You can very easily make this with a few cheap items!

Wood Christmas Ornaments
Ornaments are a great gift for anyone and plus you can probably get the wood from a Christmas tree farm!

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About alliegatormu

Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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