A College Kids Dictionary

Yes words exist to everyone. Words can have their dictionary definition and then people have their own definition of words. College kids seem to have a large amount of words that mean something different to them than the rest of the world. Here is a list of a few words and their definitions according to us college kids!

Dictionary definition: devote time and attention to acquiring knowledge on (an academic subject), especially by means of books
Our definition: a form of torture interrupted by snacks, checking social media, and Netflix

Morning Class
Dictionary definition: having a class between the hours of 8 am and noon (aka the morning hours)
Our definition: struggling to get out of bed while simultaneously putting on sweats and walking out the door all within five minutes

Dictionary definition: lacking sufficient money to live at a standard considered comfortable or normal in a society
Our definition: You have money but not enough to do fun activities like eat normal food, shop, or go out

Dictionary definition: a book used as a standard work for the study of a particular subject
Our definition: spending hundreds of dollars on books you won’t even open or will use for just one paragraph

Dictionary definition: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth
Our definition: something not from the cafeteria, preferably home cooked

Dining Hall
Dictionary definition: a large room, typically in a school or other institution, in which people eat meals together
Our definition: the location where you get said “food”, but don’t enjoy it as much as previously mentioned food, but eat a lot of it anyway

Community Bathroom
Dictionary definition: sharing a bathroom with large amounts of people
Our definition: sharing germs with 20 other people

Dictionary definition: a building or room containing collections of books, periodicals, and sometimes films and recorded music for people to read, borrow, or refer to
Our definition: a place that’s supposed to be quiet but ends up being a gathering place for talking and naps

Dictionary definition: a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university
Our definition: someone who makes you get said “textbook” and then never uses it; also the one that makes you “study”

Resident Adviser
Dictionary definition: a student who is responsible for supervising and assisting other, typically younger, students who live in the same residence hall
Our definition: a kid in charge of all the other kids

Dictionary definition: a condition of body and mind such as that which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is relatively inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended
Our definition: something you do in your spare time and wherever/whenever you can

Dictionary definition: a procedure intended to establish the quality, performance, or reliability of something, especially before it is taken into widespread use
Our definition: a time set aside to panic

Dictionary definition: a number representing the average value of the accumulated final grades earned in courses over time
Our definition: something that determines your future and you really worry about

Studying Abroad
Dictionary definition: the act of a student pursuing educational opportunities in a country other than one’s own
Our definition: a super cool opportunity that let’s you have an adventure but earn course credit for it

Dictionary definition: the receiving or conferring of an academic degree or diploma
Our definition: a time that is quickly approaching that we are excited for and yet dreading

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About alliegatormu

Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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