Do Something!

It’s the beginning of the semester, which means it’s a chance for you to get involved! There are numerous opportunities for you to get involved and do things around campus. It can be joining a club or doing a SOAR event, or even heading off campus to go do something with your friends. Whatever you choose to do, do something! No matter what season it may be there is always something to do. Join Campus Ministry if you’re looking to volunteer and give back, you’d be surprised how rewarding it is! Go see the comedian or the magician that SGA has performing in the den, even if you personally don’t enjoy it, it’s a good enough excuse to get a milkshake from the den! SGA is pretty spectacular when it comes to events, they always have something cool going on whether it’s a comedian, a cook-off, or even Spring Weekend. There is a club for just about everyone on campus. There’s the newspaper for the writers, the dance team for the groovers, or even Cougars for Change for those that want to make an active difference.The club fair is tonight (September 3) in Insalaco so check it out to find out where you would best fit in! You could even start a club of your own (with approval and enough people) if there’s one that you have in mind.

Let’s say you really love sports, but you don’t have the time to play on the school’s team, there’s usually a club team! I know there is an indoor club soccer team where you and your friends can play against other people at Mis who just want to have fun and play the sport they love. If you really enjoy the outdoors then you need to be a part of SOAR. They are constantly doing awesome adventures, like hiking, kayaking, camping, or horseback riding. I once went on a night time hike during the winter and you wouldn’t believe the amount of awesome stars and constellations we saw! Also SOAR has their outdoor challenge course where you can rock climb and zip-line (which I really need to try out!).

I know when it comes to winter at Mis we all sort of shut down and almost hibernate because we think there’s not much to do (plus it’s freezing), but there is! The Poconos are just a drive away and there are plenty of skiing, snowboarding, and even tubing (for the less coordinated like me!) lodges to go to, and sometimes you can even get a discount! Also about once a year (during the winter) I go to this place in Shamokin Dam, PA (it’s called the Bounce Fun Plex) that is trampolines, everywhere! Yes that’s right there’s rows and rows of trampolines and some on the walls, a dodge ball area and the best part is it’s only $8 an hour! (I HIGHLY suggest going here even though it is a bit further away) Not everything you do has to be on campus either. There’s plenty of stuff around that you can do anytime! Last year during the winter my friends and I went ice skating at the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins practice arena, that was really cheap and fun! Ricketts Glen is just a short drive up the road and is a beautiful hike during the fall or spring! If you’re looking for something to do that’s cheap and a quick drive there’s Frances Slocum Park, for a nice walk around.

I would always suggest going to get fro-yo, seeing a movie or going shopping too (but unfortunately that costs you some money, but the fro-yo is always worth it! At Loco-Yoco you get a student discount!) I know for the freshmen that it’s more difficult to get off campus and do things (the shuttle does run into Wilkes-Barre though), but that just means you should get more involved with clubs and activities on campus! When in doubt attend a sports game, it’s free and  you’ll have fun cheering for your school whether they win or lose! Always look at the flyers in your dorm or outside of Student Activities, there’s always something posted there to do during the week or the weekend. Also look on the tables in the cafeteria, they have bi-weekly flyers of what’s happening on campus so you can make sure you attend an event that week! If you haven’t gotten my point yet, it’s that it’s a new semester so go out and try new things! No matter what you do, do something!

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About alliegatormu

Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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