There’s An App for You!

We all know you’re addicted to your phone (don’t be ashamed just admit it!) but remember your phone can help you! Yea, you check your phone every five minutes to see if you have a new text, Snapchat, or Instagram like but what if you were checking your phone because a homework reminder popped up or you needed to split the bill at Grotto’s (their pizza is delicious!)? Well you’re in luck because there is an app for that! These apps are essential to college kids for studying and having fun! The best part is most of them are free or cost next to nothing! So please do yourself a favor and check your phone for homework reminders not who favorited your tweet.

School Essentials

StudyblueStudyblue is an awesome free app that let’s you study on the go. Picture this: You’re sitting outside of your prof’s office and you have a test right after, but you don’t have your book or notes. You pull out your phone and BOOM! there’s all of your studying material! You can create flashcards that let you know how well you’re doing with answering correctly. You can create notes and compare and share them with classmates. It’s a super organized app that I know works and helps a lot of students!

EasyBibI know we all dread research papers because of the citing! EasyBib makes it EASY! When you download this app you can scan the bar code of your book and then you have a citation for it! It’s that easy! You simply input the information and it puts it into whatever format you need! It saves your citations and you can email them to yourself when you need them! With this app though, just be careful that all information you input is correct. A downfall is that if you need APA formatting you have to upgrade and pay, but MLA is free!

Dragon DictationYou’re in the car on the way home for fall break then suddenly you remember that short essay you had is due in a few hours! What if you pulled out your phone and just started talking to it, saying everything you need for your short essay. Next thing you know the whole essay is typed and ready to be submitted! Dragon Dictation does hands-free voice recognition that types exactly what you’re saying. You can use it for essays, statuses, or texts. It’s free thankfully but only for iOS users.

This app could save your life (figuratively speaking), okay it can save you from failing a homework assignment! You can input your assignments and get reminded of when they’re due. It keeps track of your grades and can email assignments to friends. The app holds teacher’s contact info in case you need to email them a quick question. The only bummer is it’s $1.99 and for Apple product users only.

Helpful Apps

Pocket First Aid and CPR
This one really could save someone’s life! This has clear CPR instructions and you can store your medical info (including insurance) for easy access. It has tons of videos and illustrations on what to do/how to help in emergency situations. This one is $1.99, but I bet it’s worth it!

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)
If you’re one of the unfortunates that have an 8 am or even *gasp! 6 am practice and you’re anything like me you should probably get this app. It’s been named the world’s most annoying alarm. You select a place (like the bathroom) as the shut off center. Your alarm goes off and won’t shut off until you have taken a picture of deemed shut off place. It will help get you up out of bed on time! It’s $1.99 but that’s a small price to pay instead of missing class!

College is expensive. You know that, I know that, our parents know that! So why not keep track of all of your expenses in one place? Mint allows you to connect all of your spending ways (debit card, credit card, loans) in their app. It shows how much you’ve spent and lets you create budgets. It’s safe and secure and it’s free!

Circle of 6
Mis is a safe campus fortunately, but sometimes other places you go aren’t. This app lets you choose six people to be in your circle. In two touches it discreetly will text the people in your circle asking them for a ride (and giving your location), asking them to call you as an interruption, and asking for advice about an unhealthy relationship. There’s also an emergency icon that calls emergency services in one click. The app was designed for college students and it’s free!

The Photobook Cookbook
We can all get a little sick of cafeteria food and have a craving for a home cooked meal. This app lets you choose from categories (including quick and easy) and it shows a picture of all of the ingredients you’ll need, so you know right away if you have anything. It then gives you step by step directions along with pictures and a picture of then end result! It really couldn’t be easier to become a chef! This app is a little more pricey at $3.99.

My Fitness Pal
If you’re a bit of a fitness junkie this app will become your new pal (yes cheesy pun intended). It’s deemed the best calorie counter app out there. You input your meals and it adds up all of the nurtritional information for each one. This way you can keep track of your healthy lifestyle for free!

Fun Apps

You’re friend is studying abroad this semester and we all know it costs an arm and a leg to communicate with them. This app lets you call and text for free! You can share photos and videos so it’s like they never left you! It would also work with your friends from back home.  So keep on communicating with them because it’s free!

Sometimes Pandora just isn’t playing the right songs for me. Songza let’s you choose music based on the time (like Tuesday morning) and what you’re doing (like studying or working out) it then creates a playlist for you. You can select moods, activities, or genres to better narrow down your playlist. The app is free and will also work on your PC or Mac.

You’re at Grotto’s again and it’s time to split the bill, this is where we all hand it to the good mathematician, fellow blogger Rachel Cordasco, but once we download this app she won’t be crunching the numbers anymore! You take a snapshot of the bill and claim your part of the meals and it includes tip and tax automatically! So split the bill without giving your version of Rachel a headache and download the app for free!

This app was designed for couples in long-distance relationships. It lets you speak and text in the app. It has a calendar to record important events and reminders. You can share pictures of your day and reminisce about your first date. It even tells you the weather  of where your significant other is so you can remind them to grab an umbrella! So send some love to your boyfriend/girlfriend in this app for free!




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Hey I'm Allison or otherwise known as Alligator. I am currently a senior (yay grad school!) at MU studying speech-language pathology. I love MU because it reminds me of my high school; it's a tight-knit community where people hold doors for you no matter how far away you are. My favorite time on campus is in the fall, it is absolutely gorgeous. When I'm not studying I'm either reading or watching Netflix (yes I am a junkie). I also really love food, so cooking and baking are fun too!

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