College Packing List!

Move in day is quickly approaching, which means we all need to start packing! (don’t worry I haven’t touched a thing yet…) The summer before my freshman year I googled “freshmen packing list” about 500 times and put together this handy little list that I figured I’d share with you all! It’s a little ‘girl’ specific, so guys just ignore the makeup/hair parts 😛


and of course don’t forget clothes and definitely don’t forget flip flops for the shower. I know it’s super overwhelming to pack clothes for college when you’re living away, but don’t forget about breaks! You’ll most likely be home for fall break and thanksgiving so to avoid extreme over packing, start out with your summer/fall clothes and then over fall break you can exchange them for heavier coats and winter clothes. Some other items to consider: a case of water/Gatorade, sports equipment, shoes, textbooks, crayons & coloring books 🙂

Now you just have to make sure it all fits in your car…


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About jerseystrongrach

Hey guys! My name is Rachel and I'm a Junior at Misericordia as an undergraduate psychology major in the pre-DPT program. Although I'm a Jersey girl at heart (can't you tell!?), Misericordia has become my home away from home and I absolutely love it here. My favorite part about MU is that it's so easy to get involved- I'm super excited because this summer I'll be an orientation leader! When I'm not running from class to class or stuck studying in the library (ugh) you can probably find me cooking or out for a run. And even though I've learned to love PA, I'm a diehard NY Giants, Rangers and Mets fan!

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