First-year orientation. 

It’s an occasion some are eager for, yet some dread. No matter what your feelings are toward this wonderful welcome to college, here is one piece of useful advice: you’d might as well make the best of it.

Academic sessions, resident and commuter life discussions, listening to speeches, sitting in on panels, icebreakers, telling a hundred strangers your major in just a matter of hours…it all sounds like so much fun, right?! RIGHT!!

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The truth is, orientation is only what you make out of it. Misericordia offers a “one-day orientation” in which students and their families are welcomed to campus and provided with a day packed with information that’s good to know before showing up at school. This one-day orientation provides the best opportunity to ask questions to Misericordia faculty, staff and students face-to-face.

In the few days before classes start, first-year students will participate in the “four-day orientation.” This orientation is jam-slammed with critical information and cool pointers on how to survive thrive in college. Honestly, it’s fun, too! There is a game show, a volunteer project, ice cream, a giant outdoor movie screen, and more. You’d might as well get your tuition’s worth in free popcorn.


Here is some (hopefully) helpful advice for orientation:

  • Participate in the icebreakers. Sure, they can will be awkward and funny, but participating in icebreakers is often the easiest way to meet new people that have potential to be your friend. Also remember that if you’re a resident student, everyone you meet has the potential to be your randomly assigned future roommate. Not that you should always jump on the bandwagon, but if everyone else is doing the icebreakers, why not participate, too? Meeting people during icebreakers is how some close friendships begin!
  • Talk to the orientation leaders/current students. Get the lowdown on what this school is actually all about. The orientation leaders and coordinators are so eager to answer your questions that they sometimes throw punches over it. Well, not really…but seriously, on behalf of the orientation team, please do feel free to ask us anything. Anything. We’re students, not commercials, so we’re going to be real with you in the most polite way possible. We were freshmen once, too, so we get how it is.
  • Ask questions. What is a meal plan? Should I buy my books online or in the bookstore? How do I know what books I even need? Can I have my car on campus? Where do I find my class schedule? What if I play  a sport and I have a game during class? Why look this stuff up on the internet or send a thousand emails when there are a hundred people around you just waiting to help you with your questions?
  • Pay attention. There is a reason you’re sitting in a boring panel listening to a speaker for an hour- it’s because he/she has something important that you need to know! The faculty and orientation volunteer staff’s time is just as valuable as yours, so trust me when I say we’re not messing around when we shove this information down your throats. Listen to what is being said so you’re not “that guy” who is asking two hundred questions that have already been answered.

Orientation is going to throw a lot your way, but with this smiling orientation team on your side, the future’s so bright!

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