Finding a Roommate:

  • One of the easiest ways is to fill out the roommate survey provided by Misericordia. The survey asks you a series of questions about your likes, dislikes, and habits and then will match you with someone who has similar enough answers and voila you have a roommate!
  • While this might be a major cause of controversy, think about people you already know who will be joining you at MU. I’ve heard both sides of the story; cousins who room together at college and love every second of it and best friends who no longer speak after rooming together for a year-so my best advice is to know yourself and weigh your options carefully.
  • Use social media! There’s normally a Facebook Group formed for each incoming class (search for Misericordia Class of 2018) that provides an easy place to get to know your future classmates and provides easy ways to contact and get to know potential roommates.
  • If you are playing a sport at Mis, talk to your coach about rooming with a new teammate!
  • Last but not least, MU’s one day summer orientations are the perfect chance to meet people (which is soon-SO EXCITING!) I met my freshman (and sophomore!) roommate at orientation and it worked out incredibly well.

Living with your Roommate:
I know it’s a common misconception that you have to be obsessed with your roommate, and although I’m sure you’ve all heard it before, I would just like to point out that this is not true. The only thing that you HAVE to do with your roommate is live with them.
*side note I happen to get along very well with my roommate (now roomateS) but it is just once of the many magical things that Misericordia has blessed me with 🙂

Understanding that fact…
You are going to have to learn how to share. Even if you aren’t necessarily sharing items; you are still sharing the same air/living space. Just because your roommate is a neat freak and you are a “it’s an organized mess” type of person does not mean your roommateship is doomed, you can still get a long perfectly well (I’ve seen it done trust me!!). I think the most important fact about living with someone else is establishing a basic rule of respect.
Keep your mess on your side of the room, but make sure you keep the sink you both share clean. Establish early on what things you have equal ownership of (microwave, tv, fridge, sink, etc). Realize that if your roommate is studying, right now probably wouldn’t be the best time to perform your VMA worthy concert of Taylor Swift’s “You Belong with Me” (boys, this includes you too I know ya’ll love her) and if you’re roommate is giving you not so subtle hints that they’re going to go to bed, take your study session out into the hallway study room and shut your light off. If your grandma calls you with five hours’ worth of family gossip and your roommate is taking a nap, take your phone call outside. These are just simple things that show you respect each other’s living space to avoid an all out screaming match (believe me, I’ve been there too).

When you get to campus, definitely don’t brush off your RA’s request to set rules with each other. I know it seems silly, because I thought it was too, but it IS important to at least sit down and think about things that would really bother you. Even if you don’t set them as hard and fast “rules”, it’s important to at least let your roommate know what is and isn’t okay.

Help my roommate is ruining my life:

If you do happen to find yourself in the worst case scenario i.e. your roommate’s sole purpose in life is to steal your stuff and make your life horrendous, do not panic. Your RA and RD are there for you, this is the sole purpose of their job!! I would suggest trying to talk to your roommate first about things that are bothering you if they are obvious and really NOT okay. There’s something about being in college that should help you try to be mature and at least attempt to handle your own problems first. If your roommate still just doesn’t seem to get it, stop by your RA’s room when they aren’t busy (they’ll post “office hours”) and let them know what’s going on. Misericordia also offers an awesome “Happy Camper” room change; which is a grace period a few weeks after the start of the semester that allows you to switch your rooming arrangements (this applies to everyone, not just freshmen!).

Roommate Bonus!
With all that being said, I think it’s still worth mentioning that a roommate is almost like a free friend on campus! It’s someone who is going through the same new experiences with you and trying to figure out how to live away from home at college, so take advantage of that! Get to know your roommate; go to your first college meal together, get your laptops updated at IT, walk through your schedule with them, do your first load of laundry together or let them know your favorite meal at the Cougar’s Den. Even if you don’t become best friends, it’s nice to have someone there in the beginning who’s trying to get their bearings as well.


Between all of the options and solutions available to you I guarantee that you will come out of your freshman year finding that sharing a dorm room with another person was not the WORST thing in the world and you’ll survive doing it again for the next four years 










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Hey guys! My name is Rachel and I'm a Junior at Misericordia as an undergraduate psychology major in the pre-DPT program. Although I'm a Jersey girl at heart (can't you tell!?), Misericordia has become my home away from home and I absolutely love it here. My favorite part about MU is that it's so easy to get involved- I'm super excited because this summer I'll be an orientation leader! When I'm not running from class to class or stuck studying in the library (ugh) you can probably find me cooking or out for a run. And even though I've learned to love PA, I'm a diehard NY Giants, Rangers and Mets fan!

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