Beautiful Misericordia

I remember the first time that I visited Misericordia. The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the campus is and how gloriously wonderful the people are as well. One of the major factors in me choosing a school to attend was the type of environment and “aura”, if you will, that would vibe with me on the campus. And, from the moment I stepped foot on the campus of MU, I knew that it was the perfect place for me!

There are many sights that are typically overlooked on campus that are epically beautiful and some even are straight up brilliant. Here are a few of Misericordia’s not so hidden gems.

1. The Shakespeare Garden


This garden, I believe to be something quite amazing. it is comprised only of plants that are mentioned and have relevance to Shakespeare’s works. There are beautiful fountains and benches that are strategically placed so that you can completely soak in the majesty of the nature surrounding you. If you can, this is a place that you should definitely take some time to appreciate. You know, go read some Shakespeare in the Shakespeare Garden. 🙂

2. The Waterfall


Every student at Misericordia passes this waterfall by at least once a day. I took the time to sit in the grass, near enough to hear the water flow, and it was such a serene relaxing experience.

3. Rosenn Plaza


Whenever you walk out of a building on campus in the spring and you catch a cool breeze that smells like sweet nectar, its most likely wafting from Rose Plaza. In this circle on campus, there are about 500 roses in bloom during the spring and summer. I give a great thanks to the groundskeepers for making sure that these beauties are there for us to enjoy.

4. The Arch


The arch marks the entrance to Misericordia and is one of the most known physical features on campus. Built in the early 1930’s, I can only imagine the stories it could tell if only it could speak. I believe that the arch is one of the most beautiful features here at Misericordia.

Misericordia is undoubtedly a breathtaking place to be educated. The most amazing factor about Mis is that the people here are just as beautiful as the campus. I have never been surrounded with more kind hearted and genuine people than here at Mis. I immediately took on a sense of family with the students, faculty and staff here. I love Misericordia and I take pride in my campus. I’m sure that I speak for the majority of my fellow student body when I say that Misericordia is a wonderful place and we thoroughly appreciate her in all her beauty. ❤






2 thoughts on “Beautiful Misericordia

    • Hi, Joan. Thank you so much for reading. I must have accidentally allowed my computer to auto correct that. They haven’t changed the name. It is indeed still Rosenn Plaza. 🙂

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